The 7 Hermetic Principles

The 7 Hermetic Principles from the land of Kemet. Welcome to Kemet, the black land, the womb of mankind and the land of magic. The first civilization to ask the big questions was most certainly Kemet. Without understanding the principals upon which the universe operated; it would have been impossible to predict the yearly flood of the Nile or calculate the mathematical equations necessary to build the great Pyramids. Some have questioned if the Ancient Kemetians received help from Gods or Aliens. It really does not matter if Aliens and/or Gods assisted in their development. What matters is the principles themselves.

The legend is as follows:

Djehuty/Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus as the Greeks in 332 BCE called him; revealed 7 Principals of which the entire Universe and everything in it functions. The understanding of these 7 Principals is believed to unlock creation itself.  Today, I will list the 7 Hermetic Principals for your perusal. Over the next few weeks we will explore each one separately.

1) The Principle of Mentalism ( All is Mind)
2) The Principle of Correspondence
3) The Principle of Vibration
4) The Principle of Polarity
5) The Principle of Rhythm
6) The Principle of Causality
7) The Principle of Gender

Please think about the meaning you assign to the 7 Hermetic Principals. Your input as well as your questions are highly appreciated.  Read each statement out loud.  Think about the word Principal.  What is the most important Principal governing your life?  Jot down the ideas you have today in your journal.  Each time we explore one of the 7 Hermetic Principals you can go back and review your first impressions.

Homework Assignment:

Ask 3 people, 2 you know and one stranger ”What is the most important principle governing your life?”  jot down the answers for next week.

Look forward to our next exchange.