Connecting with the Magic of Wolves. Did you see a poster today?  Someone’s tattoo?  or a dog that looked a little different than a Bernie doodle wanting to play fetch?  More importantly how did you feel about the encounter?  Did it make you feel curious or excited maybe a little  scared?   The wolf enters our life when it is time for us to be more.  More than we ever dreamed possible.  A portion of our lives is spent as a dependent, a child and/or an emotional child.  Provided that we are developing in a healthy manner we move towards self-directed pursuits in our late teens or early 20s.  This is our Adult Phase.   Our  focus becomes such things as finishing college or establishing ourselves in a profession ( to fill our material needs).  We also focus on mating and procreation ( to fill our emotional needs).  The final phase of maturation is our purpose and place within the pack. The Wolf’s appearance signals this shift is starting for YOU .   The WOLF ENERGY teaches us to excel as both an individual and group member simultaneously.  We take our developed self ( independent self) and find our place in the pack.  It teaches us teamwork and group survival without losing our individual survival instinct.   Wolf energy is  the process of moving from established  independence and HEALTHY interdependence.  Meditate on how this powerful energy will transform your life.  Study the wolf from cub to leader of the pack. Answer the call.  The time has come.