Goddess Sekhmet

Did YOU know that the most successful healing and protective spells are cast during a waning moon?  Let me introduce you to Sekhmet, the Goddess of healing.  Ancient Egyptian physicians and quite a few Greek converts worshiped her and asked for her wisdom in destroying pathogens &  finding herbs located in the desert.   She is the Goddess of the desert, fire, fury and the burning sun.  She roots out and burns away problems.  Much like Durga of India;  she was created by her father RA  to fight and win a difficult battle.  Sekhmet is worshiped on Sunday at sunrise during the waning cycle of the moon.  Sekhmet is best known for burning away the underlining causes of physical illness by assisting in purging the psychological root factors.  She forces you to look deep into that mirror and ask the terrifying question, ” How did I contribute to my current situation?”  This is no loving mommy goddess.  This is a Powerful Lioness that forces you to own your situation and take action!  Work with it or destroy it!  But don’t just sit there waiting for things to get better is her stance. Working with Sekhmet is your first step in true self knowledge. Those who have bounced around the occult for a while,  wiggling their noses and getting minimal results or unintended chaos for their efforts may need to start over with this very powerful Goddess.  The Goddess Sekhmet is  the path to inner healing.

Egyptian Magic Kits

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