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Magic, Art and History

Take Your Spirituality To The Next Level

Learn the origins or Heka (Magic).  The ancient Egyptians (Kemetians)  developed an advanced society that spanned three thousand years without disruptions.  Hidden in their writings is a combination of Magic and Principals that can transform YOUR life into happiness and fulfillment.  Start by understanding the 42 Principals of Ma’at and the Love of Hathor.

Ma'at and Hathor
Secrets of Nefertiti

Experiencing the ancient wisdom presented in June’s Egyptian Magic lecture resonated profoundly! I have since found myself more engaged with life decisions from a more fundamental stance and continue to learn and explore my own connection to all there is. I highly recommend this gathering for any and all. Thank you so much for bringing forth sacred knowledge and providing an opportunity for history to carry on!

Nefertiti Rosa, The Wizard of IZ, Stage Actress

Secrets of Nefertiti’s Papyrus paintings are truly magnificent. I needed a gift for someone who appreciates history and art as much as me.  The Papyrus painting of Nut the Egyptian Sky Goddess made my sister very happy.

Barb, Academy of The Arts
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