Hand Crafted Jewelry

Hand Crafted Lilith Necklace
HC101 Stainless Steel Goddess Lilith Necklace
Hand Crafted Sun and moon Earrings
HC102  Sun and Moon Earrings
Wiccan Pentagram Earrings
HC103 Wiccan Pentagram Earrings
HC104 Sleeping Dragon Necklace

HC104 Stainless Steel Sleeping
Dragon Necklace

HC105 Amethyst forest Earrings
HC105 Amethyst Forest Earrings
HC Moon Phase Natural Crystal Necklace
HC106 Stainless Steel Moon Phase Natural Crystal
HC 107 Sleeping Dragon Earrings
HC107 Sleeping Dragon Earrings
HC108 Lilith Pendent with Obsidian
HC108  Stainless Steel Lilith Pendent with Obsidian Choker Necklace
HC109 Wiccan Pentagram Earrings
HC109 Wiccan Pentagram Earrings