Sidereal Astrology

We advocate sidereal astrology?  The world we live in is complicated.  We watch millions of other humans doing all different things with their lives as we ponder, “What is my purpose?”  Sidereal Astrology is the best way to explore your innate gifts and the difficulties that you will be asked to work thru.  Unlike Tropical (Western) astrology, Sidereal astrology speaks to the times in your life when it will be more auspicious to engage in learning, travel, creating a family, building a business, or getting outside of yourself and caring for others.  Embracing all the “PURPOSES” you have incarnated to express at the proper time makes them that much more fulfilling.  Gift yourself with a 50-55 page explanation of your unique “PURPOSES’ along with a 40 minute phone consultation.  We look forward to assisting YOU in becoming YOUR absolute best.