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Description:  Egypt’s Mysterious History

Modern anthropologist, archaeologist, theologians and the Egyptian government all compete for the “official” story behind the seemingly unexplained splendor of Ancient Egypt.  I prefer a synthesis the their accounts mixed with the work of geologist, Plato, Pythagoras and the Ancient Mystery Schools. Why are so many structures in Egypt linked to Star patterns and the precession of the equinoxes?  What are the correspondences between the Egyptian pantheon  of Gods and Goddess and the planets?  How are temples built using the Fibonacci pattern by people supposedly using copper tools and mud?  What actually is Egyptian HEKA  (Magic) .  Most importantly how can it effect YOUR life today?  Join Me and “Nature of Reality”  Radio Host Andrew Fisher March 6th at 6:pm.

Listen to Andrew Fisher’s  show at “Nature of Reality Radio,” Every episode is archives on this channel. His show takes “fun & educational” to the ultimate limits and you won’t wanna turn the show off once you tune in!

Host:  Andrew Fisher

Guest: June Bauer

Topic: Egypt

Tune In:  http://natureofrealityradio.blogspot.com


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